Toby and Tutter - a book for children of all ages

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TOBY AND TUTTER are two adopted dogs. Toby, who is older, assists his human mother as she works with young children, providing occupational therapy. Tutter is Toby’s clingy little brother. He wants to be a therapy dog like Toby, but he is small and nervous. Tutter tries to do what Toby does, and discovers both what is hard and what he can do. As it becomes clear that Tutter can help the children learn, Toby acknowledges that they can be partners. Children, parents, dog lovers, siblings of all ages, special needs professionals, and teachers will all find something to love about this book.

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  • Kirsten DeBear

    Kirsten DeBear is an occupational therapist in private practice, with a degree in parent and infant development. She has been practicing for 35 years, working exclusively with young children. She is an Adjunct Professor at Bank Street College and is the author of another book for children: Be Quiet Marina, with photography by Laura Dwight.

  • Laura Dwight

    Laura Dwight is an award winning photographer specializing in child development and education. Children with special needs are often included or featured in her many books and projects.

  • Renée Khatami

    Renée Khatami is a designer who has worked in book publishing for many years, and received numerous awards for her work. She holds masters degrees from Pratt Institute (design) and New York University (art education).